Monday, November 10, 2008

Post Election WLS-TV ABC Chicago

Nov. 5 2008 The election went as predicted (though I was to be the eunuch professor to offer a balanced view). I had noted that Obama might secure 322 Electoral votes He may finally received 338. The first item on the President-elect agenda (following the hosting of very succesful, modest and important event on election eve. will be the appointment of the Chief of Staff. Other early appointments are likely to be Treasury. I expressed a concern that Obama might take from Chicago and Illinois all the leading Democrate. It would be up to the State's leaders to be sure that Chicago and Illinois do not fall back into a political muck that embarasses the President-elect now and in the future. The Republican Party will clearly need new leadership; new specific goals and plans. John McCain give a noble concession speech and Obama reciprocated.

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