Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Consulting

Numerator Management is a growth oriented marketing and management education, training and consulting firm. We can be a key resource for your company, your clients or your executive students.

The numerator concept of business practice and academic research employs a profitable and feasible idea. Numerator marketing and management states that managers can increase the value of their business most profitably by raising revenue, lifetime customer valuation, share value, product brand and corporate brand/reputation. Companies can always increase value by reducing the denominator (costs and staff cuts) but the business of business is sales, marketing and management toward growth.

Concept: Corporate Value = Numerator Marketing Management / Denominator Marketing Management

Numerator (growth of sales, lifetime customer value, stock value, employee value, brand value, reputation)

Denominator (cutting staff, managers, operating costs)

We would like to focus on having you improve your business by managing the numerator.