Thursday, November 13, 2008

JIMC 2009

The launch event for the Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications was held this week at Northwestern. Guests included the IMC Committee of the Association of National Adverstisers (ANA). The event produced the 19th issue of the JIMC first published in 1991 at Northwestern in the Medill School and the IMC Department. The JIMC is the volunteer work of 30% of the class (about 25 graduate students) who attract "blind reviewed" article abstracts (we don't identify the author so we are only influenced by the quality of the ideas), edit them with the author, raise $20,000 for the printing, layout and distribution of 3500 issues to business leaders, alumni, faculty, new students and others. What an extraordinary effort by the graduate students (in their spare time). My objective in starting the JIMC was to demonstrate the thought leadership of the school and its students. Much like the law reviews produced by students and faculty at the leading law schools, this publication fits the mold of offering new and leading ideas to our fields.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Post Election WLS-TV ABC Chicago

Nov. 5 2008 The election went as predicted (though I was to be the eunuch professor to offer a balanced view). I had noted that Obama might secure 322 Electoral votes He may finally received 338. The first item on the President-elect agenda (following the hosting of very succesful, modest and important event on election eve. will be the appointment of the Chief of Staff. Other early appointments are likely to be Treasury. I expressed a concern that Obama might take from Chicago and Illinois all the leading Democrate. It would be up to the State's leaders to be sure that Chicago and Illinois do not fall back into a political muck that embarasses the President-elect now and in the future. The Republican Party will clearly need new leadership; new specific goals and plans. John McCain give a noble concession speech and Obama reciprocated.


Nov. 10 2008. This a.m. they wanted to know about the visit of President-elect Obama to the White House and his next appointments after surprise Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff (opposites must attract). The topic with President George Bush would be "the economy, the economy, the economy and the war". No curtains would be measured but the civil and legal transfer of office would be commenced. Some concerns that Obama might be making the same mistakes that Bush made by appointing Clinton appointees just as Bush appointed his father's appointees. "Change" was promised. The cast of characters reads like the current House, Senate and Clinton cabinet. The most important (after Chief of Staff) is Treasury Secretary with Robert Rubin 70, Larry Summer 52, Timothy Geithner 47, Paul Volker 81 and Laura Tyson. (most, except Volker, with Clinton credentials). It is clearly a global post with global credentials demanded. Both business and political/policy experience may be demanded due to the financial crises. Each nominee should be vetted for their reputation since their credibility will be part of their proclamations. Connections to the current Wall Street debacle need to be examined since any distraction will harm the nation and White House. While "deliberate haste" is crucial; business leaders and political/policy leaders must stand for high values. As I have noted, business leaders might as well consider themselves political candidates for public office.
Will Obama make the appointment before Thanksgiving (the earliest ever) or just before the end of the year?