Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Should universities conduct "due diligence" on hiring full-time and part-time adjunct and tenure track faculty to protect students?

From a salary committee at Northwestern University I raised a question to a senior VP for consideration. 

A key question for university salary committees will be due diligence.  We have not done a satisfactory job of investigating the backgrounds of academic and clinical track teachers who influence the undergraduate and graduate students. A number of schools are working through the challenges of due diligence to avoid the embarrassment and risks to university reputations and students.   Businesses, government and other institutions often do a much better job of reviewing the previous work experience, legal conflicts and well documented complaints against prospective employees. What do universities carefully need to do regarding employees or teachers

Are you interested in the salaries for university staff and faculty? It may surprise you that most salaries have not kept up with inflation rates of tuition (or does it?).    See over 4700 schools.

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