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Table of Contents of Second Edition of The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Communications.

The Handbook of Stakeholder Public Relations & Integrated Communications and Marketing, Clarke L. Caywood, Ph.D. editor
McGraw-Hill, New York, Second Edition, 2011-2012

DRAFT Table of Contents
Clarke Caywood, Ph.D. Professor, Northwestern University

Preface – The Importance of Public Relations
Al Golin, Chairman and founder, Golin/Harris

Introduction to Stakeholder Public Relations and Integrated Communications and Marketing

1. Introduction to Stakeholder Public Relations & Integrated Communications and Marketing
a. Clarke L. Caywood, Ph.D. Professor, Northwestern University

2. Communications Research Methods I – Social Science Approaches
a. Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer, The Gronstedt Group
b. Clarke L. Caywood, Ph.D. Professor, Northwestern University

3. Communications Research Methods II - Web-based Approaches
a. Clarke L. Caywood, Ph.D. Professor, Northwestern University

4. Public Relations and Communications Law
a. Karla Gower, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Advertising and Public Relations, Director the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations, The University of Alabama.

5. Public Relations History and the White House
a. Scott Cutlip, Professor Emeritus, University of Georgia (deceased)
b. Brent Baker, Rear Admiral, Ret. Dean Emeritus. The School of Communications, Boston University

6. Ethics and Corporate Responsibility – China Tobacco Industry
a. Cornelius Pratt, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Strategic Communication, Temple University

Stakeholder Communications

7. The Stakeholder Concept and Mapping - Redefining Communications
a. Clarke L. Caywood, Ph.D. Professor, Northwestern University

8. Employee Relations - Key Stakeholder Communication
a. S. Keith Burton, President Insidedge

9. Consumers and Customers – Marketing’s Stakeholders
a. Geri Henderson, Ph.D. Associate Professor, School of Business, Rutgers University

10. Consumers and Third Parties - Marketing Public Relations
a. Pat Whalen, Ph.D., Consultant and Educator

11. Institutional and Individual Investors - Investor Relations
a. Nancy Hobor, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University, past Vice President Communications and Investor Relations, Grainger, Inc.

12. Investment Bankers - Mergers & Acquisitions Communications
a. Joele Frank, Founder and Managing Partner, Joele Frank, Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher

13. Philanthropy - Community Charities and Corporate Giving
a. Jack Koten, Founding Director of Arthur W. Page Society, and Retired Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, Ameritech

14. Taxpayers - Government Public Information
Brent Baker, Rear Admiral Ret., and past Dean, the College of Communications, Boston University

15. Broadcast Media Relations – New Broadcast/PR
a. Tim Larson, Ph.D., Professor, University of Utah – Salt Lake City
b. Craig Wirth, Adjunct Professor, University of Utah – Salt Lake City

16. Social Media - Communities and Advocates
a. Richard Edelman, CEO Edelman
b. Mark Haas, President, Edelman China
c. Phil Gnomes, Senior Vice President, Edelman Digital
d. Robert Holdheim, Managing Director, India Edelman
e. Steve Rubin, Executive Vice President Global Strategies and Insight, Edelman

17. Press and Global Media – Expanding Media Relations
a. Matt Gonring, Communications Consultant and past Chief Communication Officer

18. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) - Running Not-for-Profits
a. Ray Boyer, Communication Consultant and President, Boyer Media
b. Governor Scott McCallum, CEO Aidmatrix Foundation

19. Industry Trade and Professional Associations – Washington Ambassadors
a. Dick Hanneman, President, Salt Institute 1986-2010

20. Agencies as Stakeholder - Partners
a. Ray Kotcher, Chief Executive Officer, Ketchum

21. Policy-Makers - Issues Management and Public Affairs
a. Jim Arnold, Chief Executive Officer Arnold Consulting Group
b. Ray Ewing- Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University, former Director, Allstate

22. Public Officials - How to Lobby
a. Jim Nelson, Chief Executive Officer, Public Affairs Consultant Nelsco, Inc.

23. Stockholders, the Board and Regulators - Governance
a. Ted McDougal, Senior Counselor Ketchum, Principle McDougal & Associates
b. Kurt Stocker, Director New York Stock Exchange Regulation, Inc.

24. Headhunters and Human Resources - Career Paths
a. Jean Cardwell, President, Cardwell Enterprises, Inc.
b. Dana Rubin, Communications Consultant

25. The CEO - Key Stakeholder Spokesperson
a. John Graham, Chairman, Fleishman-Hillard

26. Every Stakeholder - Crisis Prevention and Communications
a. Hud Englehart, Chief Marketing Officer, Rasmussen Reports, Adjunct Professor Northwestern University

Current Issues in Public Relations

27. Sustainability for Business – A New Global Challenge
a. Charlene Lake, Senior Vice President Public Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer, AT&T
b. Tony Calandro, Senior Vice President & Partner, VOX Global

28. Environmental Challenges - Going Beyond Greenwashing
a. Susan Croce Kelly, President, Kirkpatrick International, Inc.

29. The Digital Revolution - Transforming User Experiences
a. Kevin A. Clark, President and Founder, Content Evolution LLC

30. Reputation Management - Corporate, Not Product Branding
a. Craig Carroll, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Lipscomb University
b. Stephan Greyser, Professor Emeritus, Harvard School of Business
c. Elliot Schreiber, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor, School of Business Drexel University

Business to Consumer Industries and Organizations

31. Automotive Industry - Race to the Future
a. Steve Harris, Senior Counselor, The McGinn Group and past Vice President - Global Communications, General Motors
b. Ray Day, Vice President Communications, Ford Motor Company

32. Aviation Industry and Civil Aviation - Flying for Business and Travellers
a. Rob Mark, Chief Executive Officer CommAvia and editor

33. Insurance - In Good Hands
a. Robert Gorman, Communication Consultant and past Executive Communications Leader Allstate Insurance
b. Jim Dudas, Environmental and Business Consultant

34. Hospitality Industry - We Know Our Guests
a. John Wallis, Global Head - Marketing and Brand Strategy, Hyatt

35. Sports Marketing & PR - Champion Communicators
a. Steve Lesnik, Co-Founder and Chairman, KemperSports and KemperLesnik
b. Amy Littleton, Vice President Public Relations, KemperLesnik

36. Technology and Computer Industry – Constant Innovation
a. Edward Barbini, Vice President External Relations, IBM

37. The Entertainment Industry - Disney and More
a. Rob Doughty, Communications consultant, Past Vice President Communications Disney Resorts

38. Health Care Industry – Benefits and Costs
a. Richard Cole, Ph.D. Professor and Chair Department of Advertising and PR, Michigan State University

39. Restaurant Industry – Global Stories
a. Jonathan Blum, Senior Vice President, Chief Public Affairs Officer, YUM! Brands

40. Retail Leadership - The Great American “Drugstore”
a. Mike Polzin, Divisional Vice President Corporate Communications, Walgreens, Co.

41. Telecommunications - The Unbelievable Cell Phone
a. Reid Walker, Vice President Corporate Communications T-Mobile

Business to Business

42. Pharmaceutical Industry - R&D to Rx
a. Elliot Schreiber, Ph.D. Clinical Professor of Marketing, Executive Director of the Center for Corporate Reputation Management, Bennett S. LeBow College of Business, Drexel University

43. Consulting Industry - Professional Services
a. Roxanne Taylor, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Accenture
b. Jayme Silverstone, Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, Accenture, Contributing author

44. Financial & Banking Industry - High Risk Brand Trust
a. Anonymous Author

45. Food & Beverage Industry – Choices and Safety
a. Marguerite Copel, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, President, Dean Foods Foundation
b. Rich Nelson, Vice President Corporate Communications, ACCO Brands

46. Oil & Energy Industry - High Profile
a. Sam Falcona, Vice President Communications & Public Affairs, Retired, ConocoPhillips

47. The Law – Professional Services Communications
a. Mark Bain, Global Director of Communications, Baker & McKenzie

Public Relations Practice Skills and Strategies

48. Behavioral Strategies - Patterns of Communications
a. Bill Trumpfeller, President Nuffer, Smith, Tucker Public Relations
b. Kerry Tucker, CEO Nuffer, Smith, Tucker Public Relations

49. Creativity - Powering Integrated Marketing Communications Ideas
a. Marty Kohr, Director of Chicago Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies, American Association of Advertising Agencies, Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University

50. Speechwriting - Writing for the Ear
a. Lee Huebner, Ph.D., Professor, George Washington University, former Publisher The International Herald Tribune

51. Writing for all the Media - Clearly
a. George Harmon, Professor Emeritus Northwestern University, Communications Consultant

52. Storytelling – All Stories are True
a. Emma Caywood, Storyteller, Playwright & Drama Teacher Numerator

53. News, Fake News and Owned Content – New Field for PR and Journalism
a. Sara Smith, Messaging and content strategy consultant
b. Clarke L. Caywood, Ph.D. Northwestern University

54. Virtual Meet-ups & Training – Welcome to Secondlife
a. Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer, The Gronstedt Group

55. Global PR Networks - Becoming a Public Relations Professional
a. Gerry Corbett, Chief Executive Officer, Founder Red Pflagg, Chairman and President of the Public Relations Society of America, - 2012


56. The Future of PR
a. Clarke L. Caywood, Ph.D. Professor, Northwestern University

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