Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Global Brand Summit GBS in Chicago growing October 20-21 With world-wide acknowledged branding and marketing professor Philip Kotler as keynote speaker, the Summit will be launched with the strongest possible message. Professor Kotler of the world famous Kellogg School of Management will discuss his recent work for the book "Chaotics - The Business of Managing and Marketing in the Age of Turbulence" with co-author John A. Caslione for AMACOM 2009. The bi-lateral business conference for 200 Chinese business leaders and 200 U.S. business leaders includes others key speakers such as Al Golin, founder and Chairman of Golin Harris (the MacDonald's brand reputation agency) and Michael Morley, former President of Edelman Worldwide and author of "Branding" with a highly relevant case study on the sale of the IBM brand ThinkPad to China's Lenovo. The conference continues to build around the concept of using a wide range of translators from the Kellogg and Medill School's Integrated Marketing Communications Departments (with Chinese students) to help U.S. and Chinese business leaders "strike business deals" or at least begin the relationship face-to-face. More to come.

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