Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fall 2007 work on "newer media" from Northwestern IMC

Readers: My graduate students at Northwestern University's IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) Department completed some work that may interest you. They used several newer media including You Tube, Blogspot, Justin.tv, Second Life, podcasting, blogpodcasting and more to promote "from the customer and stakeholder viewd" IMC. Some sites had over a 1,000 hits in under 24 hours, some are already listed on itunes! One team used Second Life to recruit new students with the support of Medill administrators. One team became an aggregator of the new "unofficial" IMC content on their blog.

I have asked the students and faculty to consider some "newer media" challenges 1. why "giving up control" is a necessary rule about newer media in the IMC Department and in IMC practice, 2. a voluntary and self-regulated code of ethics on new media use and recording in IMC, 3. the range of legal issues on use of image, use of music, school logo etc. 4. selective and student permitted use of student work for the "official" IMC sites on newer media. 5. more resources for training students to refine their use of the newer media (a request has been presented for more on Second Life and web space access). 6. the "shocking truth" about newer media, 7. new product development by IMC students on Web 2.0 and more.

The final project for the year will be a formal Second Life presentation next week from the students. The speakers include professionals in media from this exploratory channel and medium for IMC. They will provide a training presentation on how to "ramp up" on Second Life and a real meeting with Crayon (a leading new company on Second Life that was featured in the Wall Street Journal-traditional media).

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