Friday, June 8, 2007

PR and Marketing Communications

Richard Edelman and his brother John produced with PRWeek a hit on the role of newer media The first annual conference was balanced between bloggers-journalists and journalist-bloggers plus PR professionals. The program included a few academics on the panels offering cogent definitions (one of the roles of professors). In this gathering "those who do" vs. "those who teach"seemed to have more to contribute. It may be that the professors on the panels and those in the audience with some encouragement from the Web 2.0 industry may have more substantive research to contribute next year. A number of the professionals had "experiments" (their term for smaller tests of new ideas and processes), but the experiments did not necessarily follow the discipline of social science to give listeners confidence in the observations.

At the Medill School of Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications (Northwestern University), a class with our graduate students produced an open source chapter with their professor and Anders Gronstedt Group on viral marketing and communications. The students smartly attached a number of examples including blogs, podcasts, Second City events and Youtube efforts to illustrate their ideas.
Links for selected IMC Communications Class projects: x

Your thoughts? More to come to link to the open source chapter.

More to come.

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