Sunday, December 9, 2012

"They must be guilty of something: if not murder then stealing deodorant."

"They must be guilty of something: if not murder then stealing deodorant".
Reference to David Protess' Huffington Post Story on Anthony Porter:  There was a period of time in state and federal government when many innovative programs were developed with the help of universities and research institutes. For example, in Wisconsin in the 60's and 70's under progressive and balanced state leadership we were able to admit with compensation that the state might have falsely charged someone (we had no death penalty to commit the ultimate mistake). The state used victim compensation laws when it failed to protect our citizens from losses caused by criminals. State funded programs seemed to provide a social balance. Our priorities today seem out of order. Illinois government can't seem to get anything right. It is convenient for judges, state's attorneys and harsh administrators' to assume that someone charged must be guilty of some crime even if they were innocent of the crime they were originally charged. These may be tough times economically but when did we lose our sense of balance and justice?