Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Balancing global enrollments but not just for the balance sheet...

Some of my comments are based on my experience with institutions, universities and students in the PRC for the past 15 years as well as many other nations. I believe that one of the greatest challenges facing globally directed American universities and colleges will be the balancing of enrollments of qualified students across majors including STEM (science technology, engineering, mathematics) communications, business, arts and more. Educational institutions are closely monitored for reputation, trust and value as many other institutions. Some of our institutions have fallen off their pedestals of respect. Are American universities and colleges poised for the same decline in respect garnered by governments, businesses, religion and other sectors of the economy and culture?  What challenges face universities beyond the obvious tuition increases, decreasing public support, diversity, graduation rates, building and grounds, increase in part-time faculty, standards of tenure, scholarship standards, faculty shortages in some fields, faculty mobility and more. 


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  2. Roland, I have met college admission ghost authors in companies in the PRC who "guarantee" admission success to uncover problems with admission applications. Many universities face this threat of deception. What is surprising is your advertised use of high standards of ethics, no plagiarism, and copyright ownership when you are a ghost writer for college essays. Research shows at Northwestern that it takes an international student as long as 13 weeks to adjust to the culture, classroom and evaluation process. We need more careful and ethical pre-admission systems to help with selection and qualification. Don't you agree?

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